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taining to the health of the people. While there are some carp-

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placed great emphasis on early passive motion in joint lesions.

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child aged about "> years and 9 months bad disappeared, and sub-

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dionine solution. The mother was then directed to spray the

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been thin at the time of operation, but which had become thin-

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option by townships and wards; and in 1905 this had been strengthened

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caused the unnecessary destruction of millions of dollars worth of prop-

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where he was engaged in general practice about forty years.

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only slightly with a strong current. The galvanic current caused

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illness, the test is of the greatest value. As judged by the cu-

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that in the three counties of Washington, Jackson and Lawrence, con-

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quite foiled his opponent. Christianity, we believe, can gain but little

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lines as closely as possible, to make the fight bitter and irreconcilable,

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such kidney is very fatal, and in case of an operation the patient

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At first it is generally localised to the region of the fourth meta-

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tomical and etiological classifications coincide — an impossible

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Partial Closure of the Lips of the Vulva, may occur in the cow

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Supreme Court. The American people have put themselves in volun-

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The old gentleman had a couple of notes that Absolom had given him

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place appointed for working on the public road, with such necessary and

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It is a great pleasure to me to take part in this symposium,

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says : **In those days when lodges were called to 'refreshments' it meant

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the superintendent, physician and keepers are women." ^^ jjg might

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27th SEPTEMBER, intended for those specializing in this subject.

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appears quarterly, and affords a ready reference guide to thera-

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2. Food. Giving sterilized liquid food — "a sterile bowel

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patients at once. Conrmitment papers wheni necessary may fol-

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ing itself, and possibly of some movement. Certainly it would

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have sworn to support, declares that the General Assembly * shall pro-

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less life-stream and the destruction is well-nigh complete.

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