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and warm tribute to Col. Owen was made in behalf of his former

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Thomas C. Searle, of Jefferson County, and John Todd, of Clark County,

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mount, in the County of Simcoe, he removed to Toronto about

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On October 7, 1862, Morton wrote to Lincoln: **In my opinion, if

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Even physicians are not sufficiently alive to the danger of habit

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the Various Articles of Diet. By Dr. Arnold Lorand, Carls-

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absurdity. • • • They know very well that if they are determined

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lawyer by profession, a successful business man, and a politician of con-

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Heaven. The professions of medicine and engineering alone had

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Ramon Giiteras, M.D. (Harv.), Professor of Genito-Urinary

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through resignations, been reduced to three men, namely. Doctors Miles

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such lands ; using impure water, etc. In cattle it is generally associated

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derful. The introduction of the * Reform School' is, in many respects,

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Sciences. Edited by Hobart Amory Hare, M.D., Prof, of

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necessary to put these patients on the waiting list, as they have

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the prison — there had never been more than two in any previous year

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are too ignorant; they are little more intelligent than animals. All

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In June, 189g, The Medical and Surgical Monitor was first issued at

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his parting address, on starting for Europe at that time, he assured the

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hard, as though the growth extended to some depth. There were

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gjoiecology; also secretary Steuben County Medical Society. Dr. Anna

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this table is hewn out of a rock, and indeed out of a perpendicular wall

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Indianapolis. At the first meeting that he attended he was appointed

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The last cytoscopic examination was made on August 6th,

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necessary, but put absorbent cotton in thick layers over your

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Expulsion of the contents of the rectum is most probably in-

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with dyspnoea. She was then attacked with lumbago, cough, and

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nine-tenths of the people of Indiana were utterly opposed to abolition,

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of inversion of the patient and kneading of the abdomen before

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fessor von Bergmann was appointed to undertake it, but in case

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with as yet no complete results, but only the promise of success for the

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joint canvass, as might naturally be expected. The personal equation,

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perhaps, is more of a metaphysical than; a religious organization.

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for the paradoxical flexor response that "it is also present in

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February, 1913. Patient died in March from infection

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The "Storm " Binder may be used as a SPECIAL support in case of prolapsed

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Infantry; Avery, Increase J., Surgeon, 10th Infantry; Avery, John P.,

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See the Waverley at the Garage, Albert Street, or write for particulars.

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