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writers being informed that Killian himself is by no means satis-

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some detail) teaches that excessive respiration during the stage

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thrown out in the poem, was widely accepted by Americans, to whom

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patients of this class, who is capable of imparting to students

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did not figure on what **the other fellow'' was doing. If they had

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causes had become more active, or new causes had come into

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ciple already mentioned, of securing and leaving them. On August 30,

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ried too far, there is the risk of forgetting the unity

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the majority of cases, require the services of a physi-

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that cold air is heavier than warm air, and will fall when in contact with

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of poor brilliant Dick Zimmerman. At that time the Medical Fac-

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ment from stripes to imprisonment did not create a new offense, nor in-

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The only disloyalty of which Mr. Hendricks was guilty was voting

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tion in the eyes of the citizens. It would be unfortunate, how-

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of Jeff Davis. And inasmuch as the gallows is the symbol of infamy

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The old gentleman had a couple of notes that Absolom had given him

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before lom he erected that noble monument in his lines,

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high. There was no way to get it but to build it himself. He went to

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sule the capsula propria came away with it. He said that he

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of cloudy swelling, added to fatty degeneration and iron infil-

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Dr. D. Stewart, of Teeswater, died at the age of 64. After

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was between a war simply for the restoration of the Union, and a war

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not prove successful and the plan was soon abandoned. The Civil war

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Shively, March 14, 1916, Governor Ralston appointed Mr. Taggart to

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and 1,156 were under the supervision of private physicians

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After receiving my preliminary education in two private

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with laboratory reports, analyses, etc. The laboratory would

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to him after the child was dead and the patient had been in

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convene in November. This alarmed the traffic. It might mean a divided

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The author does not believe there is any connection between the

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probably drew them in some back-room in New York.^®

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The following were the results recently obtained in this field

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every brother's orchard were smoking, and the liquid poison streaming.

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suddenly poured into it is one of the most overwhelming calami-

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woman ten days after her arrival from the City Hospital. Two

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but was still reached by blockade runners. But before the ink was well

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ing its schools during the past year. At my request he has communi-

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