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which had the qualities he was seeking and to which he has given the

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did not fail to catch and translate the music of the murmuring brook,

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refuses to take official cognizance of its existence or proper sani-

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He is best known to the present by his sketch of his Indiana life, **The

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in numberless booklets and samples, blotting papers, penholders,

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prize for the discovery of the functions of the suprarenals. The

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of pain in a case where we know a pyosalpinx to exist ought to

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give rise to photophobia, as is frequently assumed. In the same

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candidates for Governor as a horse race, and referring to Gov. Noble

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majority in any county voted against it, that county should be exempted

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had gone on, and was going on, while many of the best recog-

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since "dead on the field of battle" was- the too monotonous re-

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Several observers warn their colleagues not to employ pitui-

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Democrats nominating Thomas A. Hendricks, and the two made a

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antrum is involved, the head should be turned to the sound side,

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Infantry; Pickthall, Arthur, Asst. Surg., 49th Infantry; Pitcher, Ste-

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ject of further contributions, some of which are more hopeful

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ordinance October 22, 1832, which required all tenants and householders

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there should be a deficiency of an inhibitory ion, the normal

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subsequently found showed the antitrypsin index raised in all

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