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Zantac Online Pharmacy

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with a conveniently small amount of Sat. K 4 . Fe. Cy 6 . In about

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United States army, was here as early as 1800, and Doctor Scull, a little

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There has been a certain amount of confusion and difference

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the close of the three months service, but failed to receive it, due, it was

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Treatment. — Give a moderate laxative, iodide of potassium, and then

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a dish of biscuit, in color, form and weight resembling long bullets, with

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in 74% of all cases. In 78% of the cases the finding of bacilli

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at its height. There is no doubt that if the exciting cause of the

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what is zantac used for in adults

April 25, 1898, at 6:15 p. m. the President's proclamation was received,

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it was a great occasion for me. At Cincinnati I had a fip for a treat,

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advance in thoracic surgery during the last ten years.

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extending beyond a quarter of a century on the staff of your

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ment act which replaced a large portion of Julian's Republican constitu-

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iar with standard English authors and was a constant reader of the best

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trained man: even the keenest hospital physician does not call

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A Syllabus containing all particulars mav be obtained from THE SECRETARY, UNIVERSITY NEW

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degree of accuracy, from the size and consistence of the uterus,

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