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of from five to eight weeks, during which time the striet diet has

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staiit. as pain; it occurs especially at the commencement of an

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became more comatose, and died. The other patient was a child,

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strength of character and more strict conscientiousness are

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other appointments by the Board of Governors of the Hospital

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with only six boys to begin with, I can not refrain from naming him as

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Lawrenceburg, Indiana, April 20, 1824. His father, a Pennsylvanian,

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at his feet, given a hot drink of tea, water or lemonade, with or

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maintained throughout by the editor of this system. We are

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had made his explanation of the purposes of the order, which were

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ence of the drug in this country is distinctly favorable, and we

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speaking races the study of modern languages does not at

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tion thus: '^ Johnson was inaugurated at eleven o'clock on the morning

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protruding, examine the parts, if you can, before rupturing the mem-

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Permit me also to lay before you a letter upon the same subject from

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flict. It is not likely that either Barnum or Dorsey had a reservoir of

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sit down, and the rival captain had the choice of the best

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« Vincennes Sun, Aug. 4, 11, 25, 1821; Jan. 12, 1822.

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the Athens Mirror in this point of viewt I think it is a literary paper

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bill to prevent little boys smoking. If they had brought in a bill

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Maclure's keel-boat. John Chappelsmith, who came from England with

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toms, and then the disease would be kept from spread-

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tions are useful. It is more apt to occur in a circumscribed than in a

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Abstract on Diabetes. By George Dock, M.D., St. Louis, U.S.A.

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Office, and Editor of the "Index Medicus. " Dr. Garrison's

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of the nervous system became fully established in the co-relation

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tures of the present case. All that you need to add is some idea

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Norway. The highest percentage of any district is only 8.3 per

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1885-6 he taught sciences at the Eastern Indiana Normal School, at Port-

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explained by the disease from which he was supposed to have

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the important point is the fact that impure food fre-

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often present and infection takes place through the end of the

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Speaking as clinicians, we will say no more than this: If

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clear, odorless ami nuisance free. If it is nol it should !*■ turned

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with arsenious acid, one to two grains. Then give vegetable tonics, ':

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18. No person shall be allowed in the hall during the hours

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