Cushion Cut Diamonds

There are a number of common diamond shapes aside from the conventional round splendid cut, and cushion cut diamonds are such a. This has been around longer than maximum shapes, but it’s nonetheless challenging to the identical grading criteria as all different shapes. At the equal time, the particular functions of it suggest that there are specific things you will need to take into consideration while buying one.

Cushion Cut Diamonds

What are cushion diamonds?

The cushion has actually been around for nearly three hundred years, making it one of the oldest diamond shapes still in common use. The name “cushion” refers to the rounded, cushion-like shape that those diamonds have. They also are referred to as “pillow reduce” diamonds in some circles. Cushion diamonds characteristic rounded corners and really huge facets, which accentuate the natural brilliance and clarity of the diamond.

The cushion is a precursor to the spherical excellent reduce, that’s the most popular diamond shape today. The era and strategies had to create a wonderfully spherical cut had been no longer in lifestyles within the 18th century, and the cushion represented the great method for slicing a diamond with the intention to maximize its brilliance and normal appearance. Cushions are rounded squares or rectangles, with duration to width ratios commonly falling in the range of 1.0 to at least one.3.

It’s crucial to be aware that the “cut” in “cushion” does now not have equal meaning as the cut score that appears on a diamond certificate. The cushion cut is simply a particular diamond form, even as the cut score reflects the real nice of the cut.

What makes cushion diamonds unique?

As one of the oldest diamond shapes, an incredible cushion cut may have a correctly “vintage” look. In the previous many years, the supply of cushion reduces diamonds had dwindled to the quantity that they were surely not possible to acquire outside of unique auctions and estate income. However, cushion cuts have these days experienced a resurgence in recognition. They still aren’t nearly as commonplace as spherical brilliants, and probably by no means will be, but the vintage appeal of the cushion reduce has earned it an area inside the hearts of diamond fans.

A cushion is, via nature, no longer as awesome as most cutting-edge cuts. For this purpose, the maximum probably may not enchantment as an awful lot to shoppers who’re looking for diamonds that have that fantastic fire and sparkle. At the same time, great cushion cuts are valued via collectors for their unique attributes, and that is meditated of their prices. People who are looking to shop for diamonds for investment functions ought to honestly bear in mind cushion cuts for this reason.

What has to I look for in cushion diamonds?Cushion Cut Diamonds

There are certain elements that are especially vital with admire to the advent and cost of Cushion cut diamonds Online. The relative loss of brilliance that characterizes cushion cuts means that it’s generally endorsed to stay away from diamonds that have a cut grade lower than “Good.” Anything with a lower reduce grade could have a very stupid appearance.

The clarity grade can also be really worth thinking about. Some cushion with a clarity rating underneath VS2 will have a murky look. However, in a few cases, SI1-2-rated cushion reduces diamonds can nevertheless appearance moderately clear to the naked eye. In those cases, certainly, it is a terrific idea to have a great have a look at the diamond as well as the certificates in order to determine whether clarity is a difficulty or no longer.