Fortnite “Application Could Not Start Correctly” (0xc000009a)

The 0xc000009a mistakes (otherwise called the “Entry Point” error), suggests due to the fact a software can’t load a required DLL.

It’s normal that DLL’s from the likes of DirectX or Graphics Packages are not available to games together with Footnote. These structures require them, meaning that if they may be not able to find them, they will prevent operating – usually bringing up the error you’re seeing.

To restoration this, the easy answer is to get the DLL report to your machine and make certain it is available.


To apprehend why the error shows, you need to appreciate the role of DLL (Dynamic Link Library) files in Windows.

As the development of running systems heated up in the ninety’s, all parties added a number of methods to get entry to “libraries” – 0.33 party software program packages which allowed builders to apply standardized code/functionality inside their very own programs.

Such libraries as Visual C++, DirectX,.NET and a spread of others have become the standard on Windows – with most programs – even today – counting on them.

The secret to these files turned into the deployment of specific DLL documents onto your PC. These files will be re-used by distinctive packages, as long as they referred to as the proper features and many others.

Unfortunately, if the documents are missing, outdated or corrupted, mistakes consisting of the only you are experiencing will seem…
The main issue here is that your software does not have to get right of entry to to the DLL’s it calls for, despite the fact that there are different concerns:

  • DLL files not on hand
  • Antivirus can be blocking off your application
  • Windows might also have corrupted or damaged DLL’s
  • Other packages may additionally have overwritten the DLL
  • Your device may also have a virulent disease
  • The manner to resolve this is to make sure the DLL’s exist on the system, after which that they’re entirely reachable.
  • The steps below will guide you through this technique…


Fortnite "Application Could Not Start Correctly

Like many issues in Windows, you want to undergo some of the capacity causes of problems and fasten them one-through-one.

In the case of the 0xc000009a blunders, the following is suggested:

1. Uninstall BattlEye + Verify Fortnite

The first – and most effective – step is to cast off the “BattlEye” application out of your machine.

BattlEye is an anti-cheat gadget shipped with Fortnite free v bucks Рit is important to get Fortnite operating, but can every now and then cause errors:

  • Press “Windows” + “E” keys on your keyboard
  • Browse to “C:/Program Files/Epic Games/Fortnite/FortniteGame/Binaries/BattlEye”
  • Click on “Uninstall_BattlEye.Bat”
  • Let the CMD report run
  • Exit and cargo the Epic Games Launcher
  • Under the “Fortnite ” tab, click on the “cog” icon next to the “Launch” button
  • Select “Verify”
  • Let the technique run
  • After this completes, it is really worth restarting your device.
  • If it does now not resolve the hassle, it method that there’s a trouble with one of the 1/3-party libraries for your machine.

2. Reinstall VC++

The next step is to reinstall VC++.

As mentioned, Visual C++ turned into Microsoft’s way of standardizing some of the core functions for software and has come to be a staple of the Windows environment.

To make certain this is not the trouble (that is distinctly likely), you need to re-installation any Visual C++ programs to your machine:

  • In Windows 7, click on “Start”, observed by means of “Control Panel” after which “Programs and Features”
  • In Windows, right-click on at the “Start” button, choose “Apps and Features”
  • From the listing, scroll all the manner all the way down to “Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable”
  • There will probably be a big list of many special applications
  • Make a listing of every 12 months + structure (x64/x86) on a piece of notepaper
  • Uninstall every
  • Now, browse for your favored search engine
  • Search for “Visual C++ redistributable download”
  • Click the first link (ought to be Microsoft)
  • For every one of the applications, you had formerly, download new ones from this site
  • After doing this, set up every one of them
  • Restart your PC
  • Try your recreation again
  • Whilst this is certainly quite possible to work, it could now not be the answer for a few…

3. Update DirectX / Graphics Drivers

Next, you need to look about updating DirectX and (perhaps) your images motive force.

DirectX is the photos library that Windows uses to procedure 3-D imagery. Almost every game at the platform makes use of it.

Whilst you cannot “re-installation” the DirectX engine, you *can* restore it and make certain your photographs driving force is operating properly…

  • Search online for “DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer”
  • Click onto the primary Microsoft hyperlink that indicates
  • Click onto the orange “Download” button
  • Follow the steps & keep the record on your PC
  • Open the record and permit it to run
  • Let it restore the present-day DirectX set up
  • Restart your PC
  • After doing this, you could want to re-installation your Graphics motive force
  • Go online and search for “DDU” (Display Driver Uninstaller)
  • Download the file you can discover from Guru3D
  • Restart your PC into “secure mode” (commands under)
  • Once in Safe Mode, run DDU and allow it to dispose of your GFX driver
  • Restart your PC into “ordinary” mode
  • Let Windows download the cutting-edge motive force to your portraits card
  • To access Safe Mode, it relies upon on which model of Windows you are the usage of (Windows 10 made it hard to access for a few reasons):
  • In Windows 7, restart your PC as you will commonly
  • Press F8 continually earlier than Windows starts to load
  • Select “Safe Mode” with the perfect variety in your keyboard
  • In Windows 10, click on on “Start” button
  • Select the “Power” button (left charms menu)
  • Holding SHIFT, press the “restart” button
  • This will carry up the blue “Windows Recovery Environment” display
  • Click on “Troubleshoot” > “Advanced Options” > “Startup Settings” > “Restart”

4.Manually Download File

This will simplest work if you have an instantaneous belief of which file is missing/inaccessible.

Fortnite "Application Could Not Start Correctly

If you don’t have this, you may be excellent searching at something called “Dependency Walker” – a loose utility which permits you to determine which documents are required by way of exclusive pieces of software…

  • Click onto your search engine of preference
  • Look for “DependencyWalker”
  • Click the first hyperlink and download the utility
  • Run it
  • From the top menu, pick the “open” (folder) icon
  • Browse to the executable report it truly is causing issues and pick it
  • The device must spotlight which documents are required within the left menu
  • If any of those documents appear “red”, you may need to make certain it can be accessed
  • Some packages will package the DLL documents
  • If you look online for the DLL document name, you’ll quickly discover which package deal it belongs to
  • If you may find the package deal, see if you may installation it (you can just want to get the new edition)
  • If cannot see a bundle, you will need to download a clean copy of the DLL record itself
  • Once you download a new edition of the DLL report, you basically want to position it into the C:/Windows/System32 folder.
  • After doing this, you should attempt the software to peer if it’s going to paintings now.

If now not, it usually suggests a deeper problem within the OS.

5. Update Windows

This probably won’t do lots – however may supply the machine some way to restoration itself:

  • Windows 7
  • Click onto “Start” > “Control Panel” > “System & Security” > “Windows Update”
  • Click “Check for Updates”
  • Windows 10
  • Press “Windows” + “I” keys on your keyboard
  • Select “Update and Security”
  • Click “Check for Updates”
  • Once the update system finishes, restart your PC and see if the error is resolved.
  • If you are nevertheless experiencing the mistake after doing the above, it shows you’ve got a more acute problem with Windows.

Unfortunately, one of the restrictions of Internet articles is that I cannot see precisely what your device is doing, and hence am not able to provide any kind of unique recommendation. If you’re nevertheless at a loss, I might strongly recommend going to one of the huge query/solution communities (Reddit/Super User/Microsoft Answers) to gain an extra unique set of responses.