HP Announces Lower-Cost Full-Color 3D Printing Systems, SOLIDWORKS Collaboration

Full-shade 3D printing represents something of a holy grail: many had been running on growing solutions so that it will be viable and meet expectations, however, we haven’t seen a complete solution make it to market. There are coloration systems available now, but everyone has a sticking factor. Colors aren’t crisp, the definition isn’t unique, materials are restrained, fee points are astronomical — the listing of barriers is going on and on. We’ve been watching for a complete technique to provide high-definition full-color 3D printing that could perform to expert expectancies. Developing a real solution for full-color additive production isn’t a clean proposition, and the technique is worried — and highly-priced. These issues have long pointed to the pleasant probability for achievement belonging to a well-funded international employer in addressing this element. And in October, HP Inc. Officially introduced its purpose to introduce a low-cost full-coloration commercial 3-D printing answer in 2018.

Building up it’s expansive and expanding Multi Jet Fusion portfolio of solutions, HP is today pronouncing the info and availability of its entrance to full-shade 3-d printing with 4 new 3D printers. Along with this statement, launched today at SOLIDWORKS World 2018, comes a deepening of HP’s collaborative efforts with a SOLIDWORKS integration and a diffusion of its channel program.

Last week, Stephen Nigro, President, 3-D Printing Business, HP Inc. And Ramon Pastor, General Manager of Multi Jet Fusion, three-D Printing Business, HP Inc., shared a preview of the agency’s approach to accelerating the democratization of 3D printing in a pre-briefing. I am on-web page as well in LA to examine extra directly from the HP crew as they officially unveil their trendy advances in additive production, and spoke with Nigro for a similarly inspect the bulletins.

Full-Color 3D Printing Systems

Full-Color 3D Printing

HP’s new Jet Fusion 300 / 500 three-D printing solution for functional prototyping and short-run production

“When we communicate about 3-d printing inner of HP, we have an imaginative and prescient,” Nigro defined in the virtual briefing session.

“It’s simple and bold: we want to trade how the arena designs and manufactures. Or another way we talk approximately it’s far that we want to be a frontrunner in that subsequent Industrial Revolution.”

HP, thru excessive-profile movements and partnerships, has made fundamental steps towards its formidable intention of disrupting the $12 trillion production enterprise. Having brought the modern addition to its industrial 3D printer line in November, the enterprise continues to awareness on “what’s going to make innovation manifest,” as Nigro referred to ultimate week, as the new technologies in focus with Industry four.0 “essentially will let you redesign your supply chains.” The company will maintain to cognizance on its contemporary 3D printer services, which have been shipping because the quilt of 2016 and making their manner to customers around the arena when you consider that while expanding its line now.

“We are also moving down marketplace to decrease price factors,” Nigro defined the new 3-d printers. “We want to democratize.”

The new lower-value 3D printers are designed to “enable purposeful prototyping and provide voxel-degree capabilities along with full coloration,” HP explains. The business enterprise is also evolving its companion software “to deliver customers broader abilities and target new resellers as business and product portfolio keeps to develop.” During the briefing, Pastor addressed the organization’s vision to “amplify the addressable market.”

“We understand that now not all 3-d printing customers fit this profile,” he said, as HP had mentioned that the finest price proposition for the Jet Fusion 3200, 4200, and 4210 had to this point established to be OEMs printing extra than a hundred thirty production elements in line with the week.

“For those customers, we suppose the new printer series can be a high-quality answer. We are concentrated on SMBs.”

The portfolio expansion, Pastor defined, is designed with a few goals in mind, including:

Democratizing 3-D printing

Prototype and bring with the same generation

Functional components in complete color, black or white

The new 300/500 collection of HP Jet Fusion 3D printers offer four fashions for the new platform, with versions for access-level (the 300 collections, with smaller construct volumes) and better-volume prototyping (the 500 collections, presenting a bigger construct length) wishes. These new 3-d printers are to be had these days for order and could be delivery inside the 2nd half of the year and have a charge range beginning inside the $50,000s and going as much as “the low hundred thousand bucks” mark, stated Pastor.

“We are the usage of this generation of our generation to provide coloration, but this isn’t the best thing we can do,” Pastor defined. “This platform is future-prepared for future traits.”

Offering four-agent configurability is the HP Jet Fusion 340 and 540; the 380 and 580 provide 8-agent configurability. With 4-agent configurability, the previous two gadgets are able to create white or black elements; eight-agent configurability permits for complete-shade three-D printing.

Pastor pointed to the “customer-valued capabilities” inherent in the new line, together with:

Engineering-grade thermoplastics

Mechanical residences and surface excellent of Multi Jet Fusion

Open Materials platform

Full color capabilities

0.08mm layer thickness

Build length as much as 7.Five″ x thirteen.1″ x nine.8″

Full bucket with fifty-two parts in 15 hours / partial bucket with 5 parts in four hours

Multiple product variations

“You can cowl a lot with these build sizes,” he said, also underscoring the speed related to Multi Jet Fusion technology. The shade abilities to be had on the 380 and 580 allow for “communicating emotion, communicating characteristic,” Pastor stated, which deliver mainly brilliant fee in applications which include artwork, collectibles, earrings, and labels.

“We see color as an alternate in productivity in three-D printing, lots as we did decades in the past in 2D printing,” Pastor said, tracing returned to the long HP journey in printing technology. “Much as you couldn’t now conceive of a 2D printer without shade talents, we see this as the future of 3-d printing.”

HP Multi Jet Fusion technology capabilities voxel-level control and is converting the way the world designs and manufactures [Data courtesy of Invent Medical and NACAR]

“We are leveraging 30 years of inkjet information. We have deep expertise in coloration technological know-how, in how to do color robustly,” Nigro informed me in LA.

“We are able to leverage this expertise, in conjunction with our ease of use and patron enjoy. There has been a recognition of know-how. This answer changed into advanced from the floor up for smaller businesses and companies.”

Target clients who may in particular benefit from the new offerings include those operating with functional prototyping, along with OEM R&D groups, layout firms, customized part producers, small carrier bureaus, production support groups, and universities.

This knee manual has an accessible QR code 3-D revealed into the layout

“Education is a totally crucial goal marketplace for us, as engineering colleges are searching to reveal students to exceptional practical equipment, and also to help them to assume differently. The next era of engineers will layout and manufacture otherwise within the destiny,” Pastor noted inside the pre-briefing.

The capacity to think and design in a different way is key for commercial 3-D printing to strengthen; design for additive manufacture (DfAM) calls for a brand new way of questioning, as HP has continued to emphasize, as the more recent geometries feasible necessitate more recent strategies. By making these structures to be had at a greater realistic charge factor for SMBs, get admission to can divulge heart’s contents to a greater variety of creators.

Full-Color 3D Printing Systems

“As we take a look at democratizing 3-d printing, it’s essential for us to get Multi Jet Fusion generation into the palms of designers,” Nigro advised me at SOLIDWORKS World. “Keys to this are the price point, comfort, and ease of use. The three hundred/500 collection doesn’t require a committed operator just like the industrial machines do, and that opens loads of possibilities…. There’s a lot in that gadget, and we’ve put all of it into one package that suits thru the door.”

The entire design of the brand new machines, he instructed me, was based totally at the target customers’ needs to make for an on-hand layout enjoy. While initial versions of these three-D printers, for instance, didn’t in shape thru doors, they were redesigned with this attention in thoughts to simply make them greater handy to apply — and to convey into extra environments. The three hundred/500 collection additionally have in-printer bulk processing; that is, as Nigro defined to me, after a build is entire, it cools within the printer, which then does car-extraction and automatically recycles powder lower back into the gadget, mixing in for the subsequent construct. While elements will want a very last cleaning, the in-unit publish-processing lessens the volume to which an operator needs to interfere.

Coupled with the economic-grade 3200/4200/4210 solutions, a business enterprise ought to pass from prototyping to complete manufacturing the usage of the MultiJet Fusion platform. The Jet Fusion three hundred/500 series 3D printers support OBJ, VRML, and 3MF record formats. HP has been operating with the 3MF Consortium considering its 2015 beginnings to assist develop this document format to what Pastor stated as a “new popular that’s open, tons richer, basically getting ready the enterprise for this complete digitization in manufacturing.”

Among early users of the new structures have been Youngstown State University, Phoenix Children’s Hospital, and Yazaki. Pastor stated that the reaction so far “has been superb; remarkable in how they may accelerate and communicate the value of products.”

“Youngstown State University is proud to provide our college students and community gets admission to global-magnificence talents in additive manufacturing. We are dedicated to working with progressive leaders like HP as we keep to force the optimum gaining knowledge of experience and make certain our graduates serve an effective function on this thrilling transformation of manufacturing. HP’s potential to provide reducing aspect generation like its new complete shade 3-D printers will enable industry, government, and academia to assume endless new packages that will have an impact on humans all around the world,” stated Dr. Brett Connor, Director, Advanced Manufacturing Research Center at YSU.

YSU has a sturdy dedication to additive manufacturing; remaining summer season, the Ohio-based totally university became the second one in the US to obtain all seven principal forms of additive production technologies. Phoenix Children’s Hospital has seen notable use for three-D printing, and through operating with the new offerings from HP can continue to deliver the modern-day technologies to its patient care. For its element, Yazaki is seeing “massive capacity for new packages, price financial savings and competitive benefits,” as Technical Specialist Mark Wynn commented.