Indian Independence Day 2019

14th August Midnight 1947

An ancient speech with the aid of Pt. Nehru stirred the hearts of tens of millions. Most children of that age know lots of the speech through the coronary heart. On this auspicious second India, in the phrases of Pandit Nehru, stored Her tryst with future. India’s suppressed hundreds of thousands stepped out from the Old into the New.

Indian Independence Day 2019

Did They?

Historic moments bring out the exceptional in leaders. But mere words can in no way deliver dreams alive. Today we’re nearly sixty eight years antique as a free country. How many guarantees made to its humans have come real? Let us concentrate on the impassioned voice of our first PM:

“That destiny isn’t always certainly one of ease or resting however of incessant striving in order that we can also fulfill the pledges we’ve got so regularly taken and the one we will take these days. The service of India method the provider of the tens of millions that suffer. It method the ending of poverty and lack of understanding and sickness and inequality of opportunity. The ambition of the greatest man of our era has been to wipe every tear from each eye. That can be past us, however so long as there are tears and suffering, goodbye our work will no longer be over.”

The minimal sustenance degree is variously calculated. While some Planning specialists are of the opinion that Rs.32 according to day is sufficient to live on for an own family, even by using international norms of 1.25 USD, (about Rs. Seventy five/-) 23%-25% were beneath the poverty line in 2012. With the abnormally high fee of living nowadays, this determines may match up significantly. When we talk of poverty level what we are surely speak me approximately is hunger degree.

Anything under this is probably animal stages of scavenging in dustbins and gutters. We proudly name ourselves a near future amazing strength. But we still have 1 in four Indians going hungry to the mattress. And make no mistake – the hungry are possibly the kids and helpless women greater than the guys. Can the PMs after Pt. JN justify this? During their Indian Independence Day 2019 speeches?

In trendy context some more phrases of Pandit Nehru come again to haunt us:

“We are citizens of awesome united states at the verge of bold strengthen, and we need to live up to that high trendy. All folks, to something faith we may additionally belong, are equally the kids of India with equal rights, privileges and duties. We can’t encourage communalism or slim-mindedness, for no nation can be remarkable whose humans are slim in thought or in motion.”

No Nation may be terrific whose humans are slender in concept and motion. What profound know-how! But totally wasted. Today we cannot tolerate every different’s meals, accessory, phrases, clothes go away alone religions. Each and each motion by means of all and sundry is attacked. If against a person in strength, it is also penalized either via compliant regulation enforcers or by using sturdy arm tactics. We take to the streets for each real or imagined moderate to our leaders, our beliefs or our God. We have grown to be narrow minded and to be able to be the stumbling block in making India a first rate Nation.

Indian Independence Day 2019

For India, a brand new 12 months start from fifteenth August 2015. Will our leaders realize that it’s miles more important that there’s food in every empty belly rather than a cellular telephone in each hand? It is more important that everyone resident are identical anything is their faith, their meals, their clothes or their phrases. If any complaint is ruthlessly suppressed then this Nation will in no way be exquisite. It could be stuck in its personal chakravyu. We have to rise especially this intolerance to sincerely discover our tryst with Destiny.